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Terms and conditions

Article 1
The scope of the statute and changes
This statute applies for the use of the service between members (defined in Article 3, item 1) and this firm. Compliance is mandatory upon and after registration.
The company may add new articles and make changes without notifying the members by notifying the members through its website, e-mail, or other methods that the company deems appropriate.
If this statute is updated, members must obey the new statute.
Article 2
Service provided
  • Rokkakukan Sakurado KYOTO online shop will provide the following services.
    • Provision of information
    • Sales of goods provided by Rokkakukan Sakurado KYOTO online shop
    • Various services pertaining to items 1 - 2
  • Rokkakukan Sakurado KYOTO online shop/Rokkakukan Sakurado Kyoto can add, delete, and change services set forth in the previous article.
Article 3
Member registration
  • "Member" refers to an individual who has agreed to this statute, submitted an request to register membership in accordance with instructions provided by the firm, and received approval from the firm.
  • Minors may not register membership without prior consent from a qualified legal representative.
  • The applicant must follow instructions given by the firm and apply for membership from the member registration page on our website. The individual himself/herself must do so on his/her own. Nobody may register others on their behalf under any circumstances.
  • The firm may refuse or delete registrations without notice if the individual falls under any of the following.
    • The individual had his/her membership deleted due to a violation of our terms of services in the past.
    • The registration application contains false information
    • The individual failed to fulfill financial obligations such as payment for products or services (hereinafter referred to as products).
    • The individual performed acts stipulated in Article 7 of this statute (prohibited matter)
    • The individual violated other regulations stipulated in this statute
    • The individual will not be exempted from financial obligations even if he/she had her membership removed due to the circumstances shown above.