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    Complete makeup kit consisting of five brushes
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    Timelessly tasteful, suited to commemorate both graduations and retirements。
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Gift wrapping service

Kyoto Rokkakukan Sakurado offers an optional gift wrapping service
for customers who require it.
For those who wish to use this service,
please choose your gift wrapping selection from the choices that will be displayed after clicking through to the checkout from your cart.

Vanity Case  [Free]

■Vanity Case

Vanity Case

With a motif of traditional Edo-komon colors and patterns, the triangular design helps to give this item a modern feel.

The case is specially finished with a casual and understated Rokkakukan Sakurado crest and design that accentuates the contents within.
The brushes are displayed in an attractive fan-pattern with a gentle flutter of cherry blossom petals.

※All products are delivered inside the vanity case.

Paper carrier bag [¥378]

■Original paper carrier bag

Paper carrier bag

An original paper carrier bag design from Rokkakukan Sakurado which is perfect for presenting gifts directly.
Available in two sizes, large or small, we will provide you with the bag most appropriate for the size of the products purchased.

※Bags cannot be purchased separately.

noshi image

We have the perfect Japanese noshigami gift wrap available for any gifting scenario.

Noshigami [Free]


■Red & White Cho-musubi Butterfly Knots

Symbolizing a bow that can be "easily undone and re-tied over and over," this design is perfect for celebrations and occasions that are usually repeated time and time again.


  • Celebration
  • Greetings
  • Celebration for coming-of-age
  • Family celebration
  • Mother's day

■10-Strand Musubikiri

Since musubikiri knots cannot be undone easily, this is the perfect gift wrapping design for occasions that you would only wish to celebrate once, such as a wedding.
The ten decorative cords are split into five pairs of two to symbolize " a pair becoming one."


  • Celebration for marriage

■7-Strand Musubikiri

Perfect for celebrating those occasions when you wish to express that you "don't want to have to celebrate the same thing again," such as recovery from illness or injury.


  • Take care
  • Thank you

■Ume-style knot

These ribbons have a modern finish thanks to their ume-style knot motif that symbolizes something "bound tightly together that cannot be easily undone.
Perfect for all sorts of occasions including weddings.
Finished with a modern ume knot design that encapsulates the concept of "being bound together tightly and impossible to undo."
This is perfect for all sorts of occasions, especially weddings.


  • Kotobuki
  • Thank you
  • Greetings
  • Celebration
  • Congratulations

■Original Sakurado Design

Designed with an awaji knot motif and the Rokkakukan Sakurado logo.
This is a casual ribbon design perfect for occasions including weddings, graduations, and life events.


  • Kotobuki
  • Thank you
  • Greetings
  • Celebration
  • Congratulations

◆About the cover address


Please choose a design to suit your occasion.

You can use either a family name or a full name.
Please choose a design to suit your occasion.

◆ Please choose an inner noshi wrapping style or an outer noshi wrapping style.

【Inner Noshi】
An inner noshi style means that the gift will be wrapped with noshigami and then be wrapped again with another layer of paper over the top.
This means that the text cannot be seen when presented.
The inner noshi style is usually best suited for gifts for close friends or relatives, or for when sending gifts via delivery.

※If you do not designate a preference then an inner noshi style will be selected as default.

【Outer Noshi】
An outer noshi style means that the noshigami is wrapped on top of another layer of wrapping and the text can be clearly seen upon receipt.
As this box immediately presents itself as a gift, it is perfect for occasions when gifts are expected such as births and weddings.

Message card image

We'll send your goods with a message straight from the heart.
We have several pre-written messages, so please select the message that best suits your occasion.

Message card [Free]


■Cherry blossom pattern

A sweet message card decorated with cherry blossom petals.


■Original Sakurado pattern

A design that features an awaji knot motif and the Rokkakukan Sakurado logo.